Swamp Boat & Alligator Farm for Groups

Louisiana Group Tour

Swamp Boat Tour with Alligator Farm visit for Groups!

Our local guide will board your motor-coach and give tour along the way to the Alligator Farm and Swamp Boat Tour.

Visit a local Alligator Farm and learn how the eggs are gathered and brought to the farm. The farm owner will also explain nesting habits and details about alligators. Please note that the group is split into 2 groups: one group stays outside while the other tours inside the farm building. This allows for better photos, viewing of the operation and an overall better experience.

You will also enjoy one of the most exciting Swamp Boat Tours in South Louisiana. Our local guide will explain the reptiles, waterfowl, and animals that habitat the swamps. A local captain will explain the marsh, swamps, wildlife and vegetation along the waterways. Alligators and eagles are often seen depending on season.

Length: 3.5 - 4 Hours

Total Cost:
$38.00 per person
Children 12 & under $14.00
Children under 3 free

Please pay deposit now to reserve your spot! We only authorize your credit card for the deposit amount at this time. We will not actually charge your card until we have contacted you for travel details and confirmed your reservation.

After your reservation is confirmed, we will invoice you for the balance due at the appropriate time.




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