Private Meals with Entertainment for Groups

Louisiana Group Tours

Four different options to choose from!

Twelve Oaks Plantation Meal
Dinner is served in a beautiful private plantation home where the family will prepare and serve the meal. Visitors enjoy the many collections and art throughout the home. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a meal that one would find on a local plantation. The meal includes salad, main course, dessert and tea or coffee. Local musicians entertain and we have choice of different musicians that can include Cajun Music, Storyteller (musical stories), Jazz music with Jazz combo, or Broadway music. Costs of meal vary depending on music but prices start at $22.00.

Sweet Olive Restaurant
Local gift /antique shop is open to the public at noon and the owner will prepare a night meal in the restaurant for our groups. The menu is roast beef, rice and gravy, green beans, salad, French bread, dessert, and tea or coffee. Cajun musicians entertain us with local music. The setting is lovely as the restaurant is filled with beautiful items such as antique glass, gifts, etc. Visitors enjoy browsing in the restaurant. The cost is $22.00 and up depending on music.

Picnic Lunches
Catered lunch that will include sandwich, drink, and chips or pasta salad, dessert and drink. Lunches are served on the edge of a bayou or at the swamp boat tour. Caterers will meet motor coach in local area and handle the serving of food. $10.00 and up depending on menu and where food is served.

Cuban Cafe
The owner tells us his story of leaving Cuba when Castro took over. Very unique experience to hear how the owner was sent to the United States as a child when the rest of his family could not leave Cuba. The story today will inspire visitors and show us how fortunate we are to be Americans. We do lunches and dinner at the restaurant and visitors enjoy great food. We offer everything from Cuban sandwiches to steak dinners. Local musicians entertain. Prices vary from $12.00 to $35.00 depending on menu and entertainment.

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