Kenya Safari Tour

May 2014

This is calving season and nesting season in Kenya. The pastures are abundant so animal concentrations are at their highest. This is also the end of rainy season. We arrive in Nairobi and included on tour will be Amboseli national park where mount Kilimanjaro provides a dramatic backdrop rises 20,000 feet above the plain. Amboseli boasts a variety of ecosystems -marshland-, scrubby plain, and acacia woodlands,- supporting a diverse range of wildlife. view elephants, giraffes, ostrich, gazelles, baboons, monkeys and many other animals. you will likely spot wilder beast and zebras, white rhinos and variety of birds. Visit a Maassi Village and learn about the local people. View coffee, pineapple, and tea plantations of Central Kenya. Visit Sweetwaters Wildlife Sanctuary which is private game reserve where you view Beisa Oryx, Rothschild’s giraffe and black rhino. You may see lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants and hippos. Visit chimpanzee research center and cross equator to Samburu National Park to watch crocodiles basking on the muddy riverbanks and velvet monkeys frolicking in the sun. We drive to Lake Naivasha for an afternoon boat ride. enjoy a day tour to Maasal Mara National Reserve with afternoon game drive. View tribal village and Kenya’s richest concentration of wildlife. View herds of Africa’s largest lions, zebra, antelopes, buffaloes, wildebeest.

Total Cost:
$2,999 per person - Double
$1,569 per person - Land and Airfare

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