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Street: 709 May Street
Postcode: 70363
City: Houma
State: LA
Country: United States

Telephone: 985-872-6157 or 901-412-6304
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Sandra Pellegrin
Owner, Working at Cajun Tours

Sandra A. Pellegrin started Cajun Tours and Cruises 30 plus years ago. The business was started as a local tour company that ran Cajun Cultural Tours into the bayou communities south of Houma. Houma is only one hour southwest of New Orleans. The World's Fair brought in many visitors and many film crews. Cajun Tours & Cruises have hosted BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, Stanley Segal on documentary for Comcast, Fox, Readers Digest, Farm and Ranch, and others. Many documentaries have been produced and Cajun Tours & Cruises have assisted in setting up filming. Sandra Pellegrin is actively involved today with film crews and journalists that come to Louisiana to write about the unique areas and film the unique lifestyles of local people. We have tours that showcase the Creole, German, Acadian, and African heritage. New York Times and other major newspapers have taken our local tours to write about the area. The tours are not staged and commercial but very real.

Sandra is involved in setting up tours and actively involved in everyday operations of the business. Today Cajun Tours & Cruises, Inc. not only run tours into Cajun Country but also have cultural tours along the coastal areas from Biloxi, Mississippi to Lake Charles, Louisiana and focus on the culture of local people. Cajun Tours & Cruises, Inc. also has worldwide tours and cruises that are offered each year.

Telephone: 901.412.6304




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